Hiiii alll!

Over the last month, I spent time creating my own SCOBY mother to make Kombucha!  I’m happy to report my mother did very well growing in this warm Texas summer heat and turned out quite tall with multiple layers.  As noted in my previous post, creating a mother takes time and patience.

IMG_4141 IMG_4193

I’m so glad she is complete!  Below I will share my first recipe for Lavender-Lemon Kombucha that just finished yesterday.

LAVENDER-LEMON KOMBUCHA BY: Kombucha Revolution By: Stephen Lee and Kevin Koopman

Makes: 6-8 16 oz bottles


  • Mother SCOBY
  • 1 gallon size jar
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups starter tea (from making mother, OR fresh kombucha from store)
  • 12 tsp fresh lavender buds OR 4 tsp
  • 8-10 bags of black tea OR 4 tbsp loose black tea
  • 1 bottle lemon juice or 4-5 fresh lemons squeezed


  1. Heat 6 cups of water to 170 degrees (I found here using a candy thermometer is very helpful). Remove from heat, add tea and steep for 4 minutes, then drain through strainer into second pot to cool.  Next add sugar and stir until dissolved and then add 8 cups of cool water.  Pour into 1 gallon starter jar, add 2 cups of starter tea or 16 oz of fresh original kombucha and allow to cool to 72 degrees (approx room temp).
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS…. then place mother SCOBY ontop of mixture, cover with cheese cloth or towel and place in dark room for 7 days.  Taste on seventh day, and if sourness is to your liking.


  1.  WASH HANDS and remove mother SCOBY and place on plate with small spoonful of starter fluid to keep moist.
  2. Arrange bottles, and add 1/2 tsp lavender and 1 tbsp lemon juice to each, easiest accomplished by using a funnel.

IMG_4200 IMG_4198

3. Then fill remaining bottle up to bottom of neck with Kombucha mixture. *** NOTE*** If you want to start a second batch right away, REMEMBER TO SAVE 2 CUPS OF PRIMARY FERMENATION TO RESTART PROCESS.  OTHERWISE USE ALL OF MIXTURE TO BOTTLE.

4. Cap and place in dark room for 48 hours for secondary fermentation process.  Then place in fridge to cease fermentation.  As soon as its cool, ENJOY!


Just started my second batch with fresh ginger.  STAY TUNED! 😀

Happy cooking, and of course eating 😀

2 thoughts on “KOMBUCHA TIME! :D

  1. Fork&bite,
    Just love your enthusiasm for making kombucha. I have been a brewer since late 90’s and love the stuff. Kombucha has helped cure me of stomach ulcers which I had since early teenage years coupled with poor digestive capability. It took a while for my system to really get rid of the old bad habits and get back into healthy and robust functionings. I will always give credit to the wonderful brew that is Kombucha.

    Now, for the real reason why I am making this post. I love your recipe and will give it a try and will repay you by making this simple observation which will simplify the whole process for you. Specifically, brewing Kombucha really starts with making tea. Making tea is an easy and well know process. Bring the needed about of water to broil, add the right amount of tea, adds the right amount of sugar and let it cool down. That’s it. No need to worry about taking its temperature, or add fresh water at the end, or anything else. Just make tea. Never add the mother Kombucha or the starter tea to the tea until it has reached room temperature. If you are in a hurry to complete the process, you can place the hot pot of tea into the kitchen sink and dump all the ice cubes from the ice maker around the pot. Since I am never in a hurry when making Kombucha, I just let the tea cool down by itself.
    Good tip about the second fermentation for more carbonation i.e. fizz. Fizz is very good and improves the flavor a lot.
    Not much else to add here except maybe to suggest that you might want to add about half a cup of extra sugar to the original tea. That will give some extra time and taste to the final product (like if you need an extra day or two before decanting, or want to have a slightly sweeter testing Kombucha).

    Ok. I am all done here.

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    • Hello ifranzius!

      Thank you so much for the helpful tips, I will for sure use them with my next ginger brew. I love Kombucha, and am always looking for more ways to share with those around me.

      THANKS AGAIN! Have a lovely day 😀


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