I’m sure there are many of you out there who enjoy the LOVELY Kombucha.  I do as well, and have started on the mission of creating a Kombucha mother to start brewing at home myself.  So I wanted to share my successful starter recipe whom I found from the lovely Lindsay at Cotter Crunch!  She not only has a lovely starter mother recipe, but tasty drink recipes too. So if you are lucky enough to have a SCOBY from a friend, check out her recipes.  Or you can stick around here, I promise to share some favorites I have found from Kombucha Revolution by Lee.

So I started my mother 5 days ago.  Luckily here in Austin, the weather is warm. Making my office a whopping 86 degrees daily, so she has been hanging out in the dark closet growing rapidly.  Today she has reached 1/8th inch thin, and is ready for her second feeding to grow to Kombucha brewing size. HOW EXCITING!? AM I RIGHT?!

How to Make your own Kombucha Scoby  (MOTHER SCOBY)


  • black organic loose leaf tea or tea bags ( I have used loose leaf)
  • clean glass wear (I used 1/2 gallon mason jars)
  • real sugar (cannot use substitute)
  • Original Raw Kombucha from a local retailer (make sure it has lots of baby scoby bits hanging out at the bottom)

#1) Gather all your materials

#2) Making the first round of Kombucha food:

  • In a small sauce pan, boil one cup water, then dissolve two tablespoons of sugar into water. Next take off stove and add either one bag or one tablespoon of black organic tea. *** IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO USE BLACK TEA, other types can add oil to your mixture and harm your mothers creation.*** Set to cool to room temperature.


#3) Place your Kombucha out

  • Your original Kombucha should sit on the counter with the black tea mixture to cool to room temperature.  Feel free to drink some of the Raw Kombucha while you wait.  You will only need half of the bottle to make your food.  Just make sure to leave all the stringy baby SCOBY mother bits in the bottle if you can! (See photo below with original baby bits in final mixture)


#4) Combining and patience!

  • After both of your liquids have come to room temperature, strain tea and place together in your clean jar of choice, cover with cheese cloth or towel and rubber band and place in a warm dark room.  Your final mixture will look like the photo below.


  • NOW YOU WAIT.  5-7 days later, check on your lovely lady and see if she is ready for a second feeding.  Second feedings are done when your mother measures 1/8″ in height, see photo below.




#5) The second feeding

  • Boil four cups of water, when boiling add 1/3 cup sugar, and then remove from heat and add two organic black tea bags, or two tablespoons of organic black tea.  Let cool COMPLETELY.  Get a larger glass bottle ready, strain tea and add mixture.


  • MAKE SURE YOU NEVER TOUCH THE MOTHER, (OR ANY SCOBY FOR THAT MATTER) without washing your hands.  Any bacteria introduced into the mix can cause molding or spoiling of your SCOBY.  Once your hands are washed, gently transfer the mother to the new liquid mixture and wait 10-14 days to reach 1/4-1/2 inches thick.  Then you are ready to brew your first batch of Kombucha!

My lovely mother is now on her second feeding.  Check back for updates and the start of the brewing process.  I hope your excited, I know I sure am! 🙂

Happy cooking, and eating!


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