A new twist to spaghetti squash!

Have you ever walked by that pile of squash in the grocery store and thought… WHAT THE HELL DO I DO WITH THAT? Truth is, spaghetti squash is a GREAT alternative to pasta and can be combined with just about anything to make a tasty dish.  It’s also pretty easy to cook if you get past the whole, “how do I get it to make the threads” thing.


1. Obtain spaghetti squash at store, steal from your parents house or grow in your yard. (Probably not the latter, but to each their own.)
2. Heat oven to 450 degrees.
3. Remove sticker, cut squash in half, remove seeds, and place open face down in a 13 x 9 pan and add one cup of water to pan.  Pop in the oven and set your timer for one hour.
4. Remove pan from oven and use a utensil to flip over squash so inside is facing you.  Use a fork and pull squash away from rind.  This will form the spaghetti pieces!  Transfer to bowl and enjoy!

Should look like this:

IMO squash is best with a little bit of salt, pepper and butter.  AGAIN, as mentioned in my previous post, let the star shine, do not try to over season it. Of course, as with any food there is more than one way to prepare it.  This recipe below puts a spin on it, adding bacon, spinach and goat cheese, because who doesn’t love bacon and goat cheese? But there is nothing wrong with just adding your favorite warmed up pasta sauce and eating.


Serves: 4, 216 calories/serving


  • cooked spaghetti squash (I had five cups to start)
  • fresh spinach, five generous handfuls
  • 10 strips of bacon
  • garlic cloves (you will notice, I add garlic to pretty much everything)
  • 1.5 tbsp sugar free maple syrup (can use with sugar, will change your calories)
  • 1.5 tbsp  of white wine vinegar (can also use red if you have it handy)
  • diced fresh or canned tomatoes
  • goat cheeseeee! 6oz


  1. Cook and prepare your spaghetti squash, see above for directions. Set aside in dish
  2. Heat a large sauce pan, cube your bacon and garlic cloves and add to pan.  When bacon is well cooked and ALMOST crispy, add vinegar and maple syrup.
  3. Next, add spinach and wilt, stirring often to avoid burning.  Mix in the spaghetti squash, and warm up!  Can add fresh tomato chunks here, too, if it strikes your fancy.
  4. Divide up into four portions, fancy bowls for dinner or Tupperware for meal prep.
  5. Finally, add goat cheese crumbles to each portion equally and ENJOY!


ALSO, fabulous news, this recipe is gluten free!!!

Thanks for reading, happy cooking and of course eating! 🙂

CREDIT TO: The lovely Christine Bryne for original recipe I adapted


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