So, for my first post, I shall give you all a taste of a made up on the fly recipe.  Sometimes, I just don’t feel like playing by the rules reading recipes. After all, I’ve been told I always have to “Meghann”  up a recipe and change it in someway before making it.

So anyways, Rob (my fiancé) and I went over the the local market in search of a new food to make for dinner.  We strolled around the market and decided on bay scallops and jumbo shrimp with chili pasta. Below is my recipe and calories, should you chose to reproduce it!

Happy cooking, go bring date night to your kitchen!

Butter scallops, steamed jumbo shrimp and chili pasta

Serves 2, Calories: Approx 700/serving (based on how liberal you are with your butter. 😉

  • Jumbo shrimp and scallops
  • pasta of your choosing + sauce
  • fresh veggies: I choose, yellow pepper and basil with fresh garlic
  • butter

To start, get two pots of water boiling, one stock and one small sauce pot.  Add a pinch of salt to your water, turn on high, and wait.  Rinse your shrimp and scallops, and pat dry.

While waiting, I cut a handful of fresh basil, six cloves of garlic and half of a yellow pepper into cubes and set to sautée them in a small frying pan.  When water comes to a boil, add you pasta to the large pot (don’t forget to set a timer!) and shrimp (with the shells on).

Watch your shrimp, as when they turn pink they are ready to come out. Place your shrimp into a colander under cold water, or into an ice bath to immediately cease cooking.  Shrimp shells can then be peeled off, and tails removed, set aside.

When timer is up, drain your pasta and add with sauce to pan with veggies.  Turn heat to low and mix all together.

While the pasta/sauce/veggie combo is warming up, turn a second frying pan on med-high, adding two to three tablespoons of butter.  When pasta has warmed and is bubbling, plate.

Make sure melted butter coats pan and is bubbling before adding scallops.  Add rinsed scallops to pan and sprinkle with a pinch of salt and fresh ground pepper.

Wait two minutes and turn.  Scallops should be golden brown on the bottom and softer to the touch.  Two more minutes and done!

Add scallops and shrimp to the plate with pasta and bon-appetite!

  1. Make sure you clean your seafood well before preparing, and that shrimp are de-veined before serving.
  2. When making scallops, THEY ARE THE LAST THING TO MAKE.   All other food can wait on the plate to give these little guys your undivided attention, to avoid burning. After all, nobody wants rubbery scallops, am I right?
  3. Make sure to taste your food as you go, a little salt and pepper can often times be better than covering your main star (fish/chicken/steak) in seasoning.  Let your star shine!
  4. Dish can be made gluten free by using GF noodles or Shirataki noodles.

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